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How To Free Yourself From A Sticky DUI Situation

Have you ever been pulled over for drinking under the influence? If not, then, you are pretty lucky. If you experienced it before hand or experienced it for the first time, you would know the feeling of having people interrogating you for no apparent reason at an unreasonable time of the day. You may be tired and going home from work, or a dinner date, maybe even going home after a party. Suddenly, you find that cops or other officers are tailing you for no apparent reason. Suddenly, you get pulled over and realized that you are getting taken in for drinking under the influence.

Guilty or not, this is a very common occurrence in cities and bustling places like Miami. In a city as active as this, the pulling over of weird moving or slow moving cars is quite a custom since police officers are always on their toes in these kind of thing. Accidents occur commonly because the drivers are drinking under the influence. This can be pretty dangerous since you will find that a lot of people actually do drive recklessly when they are drunk. Now, if you find yourself wrongfully arrested, be assured that the best DUI attorneys in Miami will be of help to you. But before you actually ask for the services of these best DUI attorneys in Miami, it will be helpful to follow these steps in order to get out of the tough situation that you got yourself in.

The first rule is to check your breath. It does not matter if you actually drank or not, be sure to check your breath to see if you smell like you could have been bathing in alcoholic drinks. Some snacks and meal items such as ciders may give you the scent that you have been drinking. Eat plenty of menthol candies before opening that door or pulling over.

Second tip is to pull over properly. Don’t just stop suddenly in the middle of the road, pull over on the side and do this in a calm manner. This will demonstrate that your driving skills are intact and are doing well.

Now, if they ask any questions, answer promptly and properly to show that you are in your right mind and are in a good condition to drive.

Just follow these steps and you will surely and easily get out of that sticky situation you got yourself into. 

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